I am an author, archivist, professional genealogist, and certified librarian assistant. I earned a Bachelor's in Education from Milligan College, and Master's in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University.   Following my passion for genealogy and archives, I obtained additional certification in Genealogical Research from Boston University.  As my day job, I digitize and archive historic photographs and documents, assist patrons with information services, and research historical questions, all of which tend to be reflected in my writing.  I have written for magazines, genealogical research, journals, and currently have a new book published.  

Websites you should see:
  • Volunteer with the Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project.  As an active information provider for the Hendricks County Chapter, I answer questions about the local pioneer cemeteries. In 2009, I particpated in the restoration of Lingeman Cemetery. Covered head to toe in mud and moss was one of my happiest days.
  • I am incredibly thankful for mercy and grace.


  • I am a Hoosier through and through.


  • Love lightning bugs.


  • Popcorn is my favorite food.


  • I feel "home" when I see orange tiger lillies in ditches by the road.  


  • I often hear the theme song from the movie "Hoosiers" playing in my head.  


  • One of my favorite quotes is from Booth Tarkington's

"The Gentleman from Indiana"


It takes a long time for the full beauty of the flat lands to reach a man's soul; once there, nor hills, nor sea, nor growing fan leaves of palm shall suffice him. It is like the beauty in the word "Indiana." It may be that there are people who do not consider "Indiana" a beautiful word; but once it rings true in your ears it has a richer sound than "Vallombrosa."





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