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Branches (Genealogy)


This is me at Intial Point. This is a rock, in the ground in the middle of the woods in southern Indiana. I made my husband go with me to find it. He is very brave and led the way. Nothing scares him but bees. Why is it important? ( Not the bees but the rock...) Initial point is the reference for the governmental survey for the state of Indiana. It is located in Paoli Indiana. It is the basis for the 2nd Principal Meridian which runs through my county many miles north. Ebenezer Buckingham drove a stake into the ground in this spot in 1805 and the glorious township line and range survey unfolded from this point. Townships and ranges make me happy. I don't know why. We walked all th

Pioneer Cemetery Restoration

This is me with one of the stones that I restored. This was a cemetery restoration project in 2009. We go in, reset the stones, clean the moss, and record the information. I was covered head to toe in dirt and happy. Happy to remember and happy to help. This is Lingeman Cemetery, now the oldest cemetery in town. In it are some of the founders. The first postmaster, Benjamin Logan is here. And, I am so excited that I know this and can share it with you. In 1948 a town publication stated that he was the first post master but they didn't know what happened to him. I DO! He is in this cemetery, I found him. I am sharing him with you and I am begging you to advocate to protect these pi

Broken Benches

Mystery solved! We had an old unidentified photograph at work from the early 1900's. The photograph showed 2 young men sitting on a stone bench. I consider myself a "remnant genealogist" (a term I made up in my head, at least I think), because I love to go find the location, artifact, any remaining evidence of historical existence. So, putting on that hat, I wandered through cemeteries. Fortunately, I located the remnants of the bench. Although broken down, it now allowed me to identify the graves nearby and possibly lead to identification of the two young men. I am thinking there is another story to be written here. #cemeteries #genealogy

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