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This is what happens when you are color mapping numerous online theories about 17th and 18th century ancestors and your son stops by to visit.

Part of the work that I enjoy doing involves determining lineage for various societies.  It is understandable that multiple theories on birth, death, and marriages would develop within time periods that date back to the 1600s.   However, the importance of my work involves sifting the theories down to facts or evidence that can be compiled to create a strong case.

Investigating lines based on multiple theories, for me, requires color and a whiteboard. So, yes, I guess it does look like the scratchings of a theorist developing working theories.   

The line I was working on for this particular project has been successfully completed. The colors have been removed. The drawing by my son...stays. It serves as a consistent reminder to create evidence based results for all work.

Afterall, “Genealogy Without Records is Mythology,” or in this case...theory.


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