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More stuff I need.

This past summer my husband and I attended the ADVANCED Pioneer Cemetery Restoration workshop. It was a day long experience in repair, resetting, and properly cleaning stones. This is all part of my grand plan to drive around the country and repair pioneer cemeteries...some day. To do this, I need some things in addition to the Ground Penetrating Radar Machine that I have been asking and asking for! I need a truck, circular saw, pea gravel, sand, epoxy compounds, brushes, and a tripod easel that will lift heavy headstones on a pulley system, to name a few. I haven't gotten any of these things yet, despite several birthdays, Christmases, Anniversaries, Mother's Days, and I would have even accepted something had it been offered on St. Patrick's day because I am part Irish.

So, I am starting on my own. I am going to buy a big tub and start collecting restoration items that I need. Then I am going to save up my money and buy a truck. I will drive it around with my easel and supplies in the back. I will still need the men in my family to help me start this restoration business so that I can say I have an "on staff" Mechanical Engineer, Anthropologist, Geographer, Business Manager, and Genealogist. This is a dream team for restoration, analysis, and documentation of past generations. So even though I still get flowers and candy for holidays and not saws and pea gravel, we can make do, because I need these men. Plus, they have the muscle for the heavy work. But I will still have the stuff.

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