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The Japanese word for "books you buy but don't read." I read this somewhere on another site. I am admittedly a book collector. It is a dangerous thing that I work in a library and thus have access to enough books to feed my habit. I have piles, stacks, shelves of them. My book eyes are always bigger than my book reading time. There is nothing better than covering up with a blanket and spending some time reading. It is a way to be good to myself. I guess, if I am honest, if given the choice of Option A: Reading, Visiting a Museum, Exploring a Pioneer Cemetery, or Option B: Going to a party, Eating Dinner Out, or Bungee Jumping...I am Option A all the way. And out of all of the choices, give me a good book and a blanket when I need peace and comfort. So if I stack them around my chair or pile them upon my nightstand, Tsundoku makes me happy.

It is a way to escape the stress that is often around. Speaking of such, my dog has just treed a cat and is alerting the neighborhood that he has just treed a cat, and said cat is getting angrier by the look of the swollen fur on its tail and haunches. I am off again to manage the chaos of life. So many books, so little time, Tsundoku.

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